Farewell to 8th Grade

Goals that I set at the beginning of the school year. I met my first  goal by feeling confident in myself to be who I am, and don’t care what people say about me. I also met my second goal by being planned more and knowing what I had planed for every day every week and it helps me know what I have upcoming. I didn’t met my third and final goal because I dealt with injuries and I also couldn’t keep up with my running schedule.

Some of my accomplishments of this school year. I raised my SRI up 30 points, getting through 8th grade, getting A and B’s through the school year, getting my first A on a quiz that I took. Some lessons that I learned during 8th grade is, “Don’t care what other people say about you” , “Stay Positive” , and “Be yourself.” Some memories I have during 8th grade. The AU trip was so much fun .

One of my memories was challenging just like trying to be myself due to being bullied all the time. Math class was my scary moment of the year. I was surprised when I reread my FutureMe Letter that I completed earlier in the year. I thought that when one of my teachers burnt one of my friends’ jokes was hilarious.

Some of my favorites were  God’s Country by Jason Aldean , The Last Summer by William Brindley,Pit Bulls and Parolees based on real life in New Orleans, To all the boys I loved before by Susan Johnson ,Dogs , My birthday, My phone, and the singer P!nk.

Here is some advice for the incoming eighth graders, ORGANIZATION is key to be successful in middle school. Be prepared for class, and time management. Listen to teachers and don’t be disrespectful to any one unless you want to have zero friends. Don’t be lazy, and try your best. Also all the teachers try their best to make zero mistakes but they are human, too.

Hope your last year of middle school is the best 8th grade year,yet.  All us, 8th graders wish you luck.

Associated Charities


Associated Charities recieves 56%  of their donations from other buisnesses and local churches and even from  United Way. The remaining comes from area churches, organizations, and generous individuals working together to make the Ashland community a stronger place. Image result for associated charities signYou can also get money or loans from them. They can help in many different ways. They can help including: 

  • Rent / Mortgage Assistance
  • Utility Assistance
  • Medication Assistance
  • Clothes for kids aged from youth to teenagers
  • Food and taxable items

This buisness started in the 1980’s.  They also have been trying to impact Ashland County by helping and needy or poor people. They help by providing clothes from young aged kids to teenagers, to rent and house mortage for families. They also have a food bank that has many items from cold/hot food to personal items.


They also have an ongoing project that they hope they can do in any way they can to help other citizens in Ashland. They also want to keep making history with any human they help. They also have a mission is to provide a short term emergency financial assistance to the people in Ashland County in the way of utilities, shelter, medication, and pre-approved doctor and dental visits.

Any body can help by going to the link  and donating. You can donate up to two million dollars to Associated Charities. You can also donate to United Way.

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Graduating High School

“Every year , over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds drop out or 7,000 a day. About 25% of high school freshman fail to graduate from high school.

Going to high school  is many different reasons to be successful in life . According to Wahm.com, “In today’s job market, a college degree is becoming more important. But in order to further your education at any type of college – whether it’s community college, a four-year university or an online university – you’ll be required to have a high school diploma. By obtaining your high school diploma and then furthering your education in college, you will make yourself available to apply for jobs carrying higher salaries and better benefits.”

Another reason to go to high school is to get better job opportunities. According to Wahm.com,  “Statistics show that individuals who complete high school in four years are less likely to be unemployed. According to a 2006 study, people who never completed high school had a 16.3% unemployment rate eight years later. During those same 8 years, the unemployment rate among those who earned their diplomas within four years was dramatically lower at only 4.7%.”


Refugee Reflection

Refugee is a novel of three kids and their families were forced out of their country. Some of the problems were war, and poverty. The three kids were named Josef, Isabel , and Mahmoud. Josef was a jew from Germany. Isabel lived in Havana. and Mahmoud lived in Saria. Josef had to leave his country due to Nazties not liking the jews. Isabel had to leave her country due to poverty and riots. Mahmoud had to leave his country due to a civil war. They all tried to leave their country.

Dear Alan Gratz,

I liked your book because it explained to me what it is like on the other side of the country.  It also explained to me that some people can’t stay at one place with out getting bullied or mistreated by guards or officers. I have a few questions for each kid and their families that I would like to ask why some of the events happened for a reason.

Some questions and concerns I have for Josef. One question, I have for you to answer is, why did you have Josef’s dad jump off the boat?  Another question I have for you is why did his dad not let his family go to Cuba and try to get to their destination? Why did the Natzies capture  Josef and Rosie? Why didn’t Josef and Rosie try to run away from the Natzies when they got captured? Those were my questions for Josef’s side of the story.

Some questions and concerns I have for Mahmoud’s story. One question, I have for you as the author is did Hana survive or did she pass away from all the things that happened during their journey?  Why did you chose to let the parents of Hana let her go and give her away? Why were the hungarions so rude to Mahmoud’s family?  Those were my questions and concerns from Mahmoud’s side of the story.

Some questions and concerns I have for Isabel’s story. One question I have for Isabel’s story is  Why was the baby born while the coast guard was trying to capture them on their way to Miami?  Why did you chose for them to go to Miami ? Why did you chose the name for the baby?


Christmas Decorations

Do you know why every year around Christmas, we decorate with colorful lights, trees, tinsel, or who started the tradition of decorating your house with christmas things? There are my different ways to decorate your house during the holiday, Christmas. Some different decorations are tinsel , evergreen trees, lights, and many more.

There are many different ways to decorate you r house for Christmas including Tinsel. Tinsel was invented in Nuremberg, around 1610. Tinsel use to be originally made with extruded strands of silver. Silver tanishes quickly, other shiny metals were substituted with other materials. Before the 16th century, tinsel was made for adorning sculptures rather then christmas trees. In 1988,  the firm patented tinsel made from alloy of tin and antimony. Plastic tin  typically gets its shiny finish from metallization, which is performed by heating and evaporating a metal such as aluminum under a vacuum and condensing it onto the plastic to leave a thin coated coating. Now days tinsel is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film  with a metallic finish. Coated  mylar film also has been used. These plastic  forms of tinsel do not hang as well as tinsel made from heavy metals such as silver and lead.  There are many different transitions from when it was first made to now.


Another Christmas decoration that people usually try to get usually early December or mid-December which is the ever – green tree. The Christmas tree tradition was first created by German in the decoration invention when devout Christians brought decorations into their houses. Some built Christmas pyramid of wood and decorated them with ever- greens and candles, if wood was scare.  The Germans first made the tree with goose feathers and the feathers were died the color, green as one response to continued deforestation. The Christmas tree represents the first christian roman emperor named Pope Julius I.  After a few years, he officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on December 25th every year.  There are many different trees to decorate with.


Many people decorate their house with colorful , or white lights. The first strand of lights was made by Edward H. Johnson in 1882. Him and his partner in the Edison’s Illumination Company, hand-wired 80 red, white and blue light bulbs and wound them around his christmas tee. Did you ever know that every color on the light strand represented something different. For example, a white light represents a candle, while a pink lights represents joy.

There are many ways to decorate a christmas tree and there are three different ways to decorate your tree listed in the post





Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is special, richly steeped in individual and collected meaning. Thanksgiving in my family is celebrated by gathering together and participating in multiple, traditional activities. Some activites we do as a family is Christmas name drawing , putting up our christmas tree and outdoor lights.

Thanksgiving is a chance for families to gather and have a big meal together as one whole family. Thanksgiving also has many different food ideas for families. My Thanksgiving is spent by gathering with my mom’s side of the family. We usually have turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and many other food items. We also have a Thanksgiving meal with my dad’s side  the sunday after Thanksgiving. For that meal we have ham, sweet potatoes, pies and rolls. That is some different food items we have to celebrate the Thanksgiving  holiday.

Thanksgiving  break  also involves  many other activities. Some families watch different sports and do different activities. My family usually gets together and draws names for Christmas gifts.  My family also watches The Ohio State University play Michigan University football game together with friends.  We get together when Ohio and Michigan play and we usually have a lot of  finger foods such as little hot dogs, subs, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Italian Sausage.  That is some ways my family spends our Thanksgiving during the holiday.

Thanksgiving in my family is celebrated by gathering and participating in many traditional activities stated above.  My family gets together as one whole big family and enjoys a big feast together.

Take a Stand

There are many different ways to prevent childhood obesity  including healthy eating ways, and different activities you can do to keep active and fit.

The PTO Today Organization is worthy of their informational healthy eating ways by giving parents and students ideas for them who struggle with obesity. According to  PTO Today, ” A national emphasis on childhood obesity has prompted many parent groups to seek out ways to promote healthy eating.” (Ghezzi, 2017) This means the parents are trying to take care of their own child’s health and also are making smart food choices fun and educational. According to the New Hampshire Department of Education, “Health education promotes learning in other subjects! One study showed that reading and math scores of third and fourth grade students who received comprehensice health education were significantly higher than those who did not. In general, healthy students learn better.”  This means that healthy eating does prove that some students actually eat healthy so they have a better percent of increasing their learning skills. According to PTO Today, “Some parent groups purchase food and exercise journals for students. Consider offering journals to other family members, making the food log concept a whole-family activity. The process of calculating calories burned and calories consumed can double as a math lesson.” (Ghezzi, 2017) This means that parents take this in and try it in their own home and see what it can change in their families.

Different activities can help kids out of school to get fit and active  such as sports including school held sports including soccer. According to PTO Today, ” Plant a vegetable garden. It seems obvious, but some parents assume it will be too labor intensive. Yes, a garden requires planning, maintance, and close communication with the school administration and custodial staff.” (Isreal,2017) This means that schools are giving parents some ideas to help with childhood obesity. According to PTO Today,” Hold a food pyramid potluck. Host a family lucheon or dinner with all the food groups represented. Ask each grade or class to bring something representing a different component of the food pyramid. Challenge students and their parents to come up with  creative, colorful, and healthy offerings using in-season foods when possible.” (PTA, 2017) This means that they president of PTA wants parents and students to get included with  this good idea.

Hope you enjoyed reading  some different ideas to get fit, active, and start to eat heathier

you can read more at http://www.ptotoday.com/pto-today-articles/article/895-10-ways-to-promote-healthy-eating



Red Ribbon Week

Have  you ever heard of Red Ribbon Week?  According to a survey,  72,000 people died from drug abuse, Red Ribbon Week is a National week of recognition across the states for drug, tobacco, and alcohol awareness .

Red Ribbon Week is best known for informing students about addiction. At my middle school, for example,  we had a speaker come in on the friday the week before and his name was Marcus. He talked about how his dad left him when he was a baby, and rarely got to ssee his dad when he was growing up because his dad left his mom and him when he was young, he grew up always wanting to play in the NFL for the two different teams, he went to the gym and tried to get fit which he did. He went to the National Football League Combine, and never got drafted.  Then, he played for a team and at his  first football game, he tore his rotator cuff and mutiple different nerves in his shoulder. During Recovery, he was prescribed to a drug, and then got addicted to it and was addicted to it for days, then got sober. He now has a family including a wife, and daughter to this present year.  That is the activites for the Red Ribbon week.

Red Ribbon Week is  best known for schools have many different things during that week. At my school, for example,  we had daily themes during Red Ribbon Week.  On Monday, we wore red to  kickoff up Red Ribbon Week at my school. On Tuesday, we had twins day, where all the student found somebody to twin up with them and double up on drugs.  On Wednesday, we had the theme, wear your favorite team shirt to team up on drugs. On Thursday, we did crazy socks to kick away drugs and also during lunch, we got rootbeer floats with vanilla ice cream and rootbeer. On Friday, we did costumes to scare off drugs. That is the themes for Red Ribbon Week.

Learn more at http://redribbon.org/about/ 



Poor Unfortunate Souls- Character Analysis

      Have you ever read Poor Unfortunate Souls, and want revenge or wanted to be Ursula’s friend? Well, here is an overview of the protagonist of the book, and  some of her characteristics, motivation and how the book is different from the movie “The Little Mermaid” with Ariel and Ursula living under the sea.

    My character is the queen named, Ursula.  My character’s emotional characteristics are cold-hearted, emotional, Nice (sometimes). Some of her physical Characteristics are purple skin, white hair, ½ octopus and squid , light makeup, and big pointy purple earrings. Some of her mental characteristics are smart, organized, angered, and open-minded. Here are some intellectual characteristics about Ursula. She is street smart, which means that she knows where all of the villages are located in her neck of the aquatic sea life.  

     She motivates herself using her power, Revenge motivates her actions and how she will do things during her lifetime. Events that have changed her was when she was talking about her dad and how much she missed him a lot at the beginning of the book, also, she talks about how she has 4 friends that she calls sisters, their names are Lucinda, Ruby, Martha, and Circe. She also, has a cat named Pflanze and 

     The book is total different from the Disney version because in “The Little Mermaid”.  Ariel  is a rebellious 16-year-old mermaid and is  fascinated with life on land. On one of her visits to the surface, which are forbidden by her controlling father, King Triton, she falls for a human prince. Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Ursula, to become human for three days. But when plans go away for the star-crossed lovers, the king must make the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter.

      But in this book, Ursula is out of the kingdom by King Triton, she makes a deal with three powerful witches to commit a terrible deed. Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with Ursula. she will owe the cost of losing her enchanting voice and nearly her soul prove too high for Ariel.

I hope with some of this information that I gave you, hope that made you intrested to read this amazing book by Serena Valentino. She also has

Do you have a favorite story from your childhood?

Do you have a childhood book that you read everyday or over and over again?

My Favorite childhood book is Charlotte’s web. I read this book in 3rd grade. This book is my favorite because there are many different things going on during this story.  Characters are Fern(the little girl), Wilbur (the runt pig), Avery ( Fern’s Brother), the Zuckerman Barn (down the street from her house), Tempelton (the rat). Famous Characters are Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte. 

     Fern is a young girl who lives on a farm. One morning she sees her father heading outside with an axe.  When she finds out he means to kill a runt pig, she is horrified. She begs him to let her keep the pig.  He decides that Fern can take care of the pig and names him Wilbur.   Wilbur survives being the runt and becomes a healthy pig. Fern’s father says they must sell the pig. Fern is devastated so much because she loves him.

     Finally, it is agreed they will sell the pig to her uncle who lives just up the road.  Fern will visit Wilbur every day after school. Things seem perfect until one of the geese tells Wilbur that the farmer is fattening him up so that they can eat him for Christmas. Wilbur is horrified.

     Charlotte is a very intelligent spider. People are so amazed that they decide Wilbur should be in the local fair. Wilbur begs Charlotte, who is now his best friend, to go with him. She agrees. Charlotte writes one more word in her web at the fair. Wilbur doesn’t win, but instead gets a special prize. It seems certain that he will never be butchered by the farmer now. While, they are at the fairgrounds,                  Charlotte lays her egg sac. She tells Wilbur she is too tired to go back to the farm with him. She is dying.  Wilbur is so sad, but he decides to bring her egg sac with him so he can be with her babies. Things seem hopeless until a spider named Charlotte step in.


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